Friday, August 10, 2012

CPIT research month - student presentations / pitches

Have been able to get to the lunch time presentation yesterday and today featuring students 'pitching' their projects. A wonderful and eclectic collection of 3 minute presentations reinforces the diverse nature of the disciplines and subject areas here at CPIT. Presentations were from students studying in their Batchelor's programmes (usually in their third year) and from students complete post-graduate certificates. We had presentations from students in languages (Japanese, Maori); Science; Engineering, Recreation, Broadcasting and Business.

Topics included:
- lost of Japanese dialects in Hiroshima
- consequences of 'forced adoption' of Maori children in the past and how to assist these students to reconnect with their family ties and roots (whakapapa).
- the development of a life cycle tool for the assessment of the manufacturing cycle to improve sustainable production, sale and recycling
- a coffee bean roaster temperature gauge that also collects other sensory attributes important to the roasting process
- a 'mobile safety trading unit' that can be brought out to replace a physical retail space should the space be put out of action (e.g. earthquakes in Chch.)
- evaluation of the efficacy of e-cigarettes as an alternative to other forms of nicotine replacement
- study of chorophyll degration in 3000 year old matai (NZ native tree) leaves
- the effectiveness of a cryopreservation process on micro-organisms used in microbiology
- connections to the natural environment, perceptions of hearing and sight impaired and/or disabled people
- why and how we form attachments with the outdoors
- role of assessments in the outdoors when certifying outdoor instructors
- value of surfing- surfing as a medium of play
- youth involvement in sustainability - how they become involved/engaged and why
- how is controversy used as a public relations/marketing tool by the media

Student project pitches are judged by a panel for innovation and presentation. Three $$ prizes are offered as an incentive and it was good to see a wide range of students presenting this year.

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