Monday, April 29, 2019

Interactive content for blogging

Here are a few interesting additions to blogs, when they are used for teaching and learning.

List from Edublogger post of 16th Febuary this year.

Edublogger itself, is a good resource for teachers, using blogs as a learning enviroment / teaching and learning support space.

The list includes the following:


This app turns google spreadsheets into various activities including online flashcards,quiz show or carnival wheel, scavenger hunt, artistic words, timeline, badge tracker, typing test, spelling words list / manager, word search, crossword puzzle, word scrabble, bingo, hangman, progress indicator, memory game, madlibs, mix and match, tournament bracket and certificate quiz!


Here, the app assists with the creation, sharing and reuse of interactive html5 content in a browser.  Course presentations, interactive video, memory game are examples. Content types include games, multimedia, questions and social media.

In educatio, it is possible to create time-based arithmetic quizzes, couurse presentations, dialog cards, drag the words, fill in the blanks, flash cards, find hotspot etc.


An interactive story creator, allowing for authoring, distribution.

learning apps

This is a German web 2.0 application to support teaching and learning with the ability to embed small interactive modules. Allows resuable learning and teaching 'building blocks' to be availed to learners.


A free quiz generator to support the review and assessment of content.


A flashcard builder from duolingo, the language learning site.