Monday, January 28, 2008

plans for 2008

I start the year with a great deal of optimism about how mlearning can be used to assist workplace based learners with learning skills and knowledge they need to ‘become’.

Half of my work this year will be with staff education and staff development. It will involve working with staff to assist them on their journey to becoming teachers plus provide me with opportunities to evangelise the use of e-technology to the wider CPIT audience.

Last year, I did struggle with having too many hats on. This year, I am ensuring that there is a clear delineation between the various roles by ensuring that I wear only one hat on any given day! So I am devoting 2 days to teaching / researching and 3 days to staff education / development. To help make the delineation clearer, I will be based in my usual office for two days, and will be in the staff education office for three days.
I will review this after the first term to see how well it is working.

In mid February, I will be taking 4 weeks off work (without pay but funded via my tertiary teaching award) to get a good first draft of my thesis sorted out. I will be using Google Docs to share my draft with my supervisors as I will be working from home or from a friend’s bach which only has dial-up internet. So there will be a couple of months of non-blogging while I get a major part of my thesis on its way.

After that, it will be back into the mlearning pilot. I will need to sort out a few nuts and bolts type challenges. This includes getting paperwork sorted out to have the mlearning ‘courses’ the apprentices will be ‘enrolled’ in finalised and ‘fees’ transferred from the research funding across to the school. I hope to have some findings collated by Easter so that I can meet the mlearning 2008 conference paper submission deadlines.