Monday, August 06, 2012

Cpit research month day one afternoon

Five presentations this afternoon with the theme of 'Teaching and Learning in Practice' from research staff in the Department of Human Services and Nursing. Dr. Jane Maidment introduced the session.

First up, Raewyn Tudor on 'social work and community development in schools' part of Raewyn's Masters in Social Work studies. What are schools? Study based on increased interest in bringing community-based social support into schools through forming social work hubs in schools. Focus of the project to find out 'how useful is social work and community work in facilitating better community development' and 'what skills social workers need to work with schools'. Using Bourdieu's theory of practice as a theoretical framework.

Next Anna Richardson presents on 'inter-professional learning and working: Public health nurses and economic genograms' -- using the 15 minute interview model with public health nurses and families: a collaborative educative research project. A project led by Dr. Judy Yarwood. Presentation provided on the context of public health inNZ who work autonomously school clinics and home visiting. 15 minute interview includes manners, therapeutic conversations/questions and commendations using family ecomaps and genograms. Ecomap shows family connections/relationships and outside resources used and genogram shows generations including health issues, ethnicity and occupation. Using these tools help public nurses build better relationships and obtain pertinent information efficiently. Ecograms are ecomaps and genograms together to increase effectiveness.

Then, a presentation from Dominic Chilvers and Jane Maidment (plus Yvonne Crichton-Hill from University of Canterbury) on 'promoting learning and teaching about research through collaborative work integrated learning: implications for students agencies and practitioners'. Project came about with acknowledgement that social work practitioners and students lack confidence with research. Use field education as a way to bring students into research. Students involved with projects already going out in their work placements. Project tracked students as the placement progressed. Pre- and post placement research knowledge and confidence survey and individual interviews undertaken along with researcher journal observations. Resources were developed (teaching cards and DVDs) to support the learning of research at both CPIT and UC.

Mel Leinert-Brown on 'exploring undergraduate nursing students' experiences of their first clinical placement in an acute adult mental health inpatient-service: Learning from reflection'. Presented a project that has just started with the rationale for needing to study this area and progress undertaken through the literature review phrase.

Final presentation for the day, Deborah Sims and Rose Whittle on 'researching and using CLES+T: A New Zealand perspective. CLES+T refers to -clinical learning environment, supervision and nurse teacher a scale developed in Finland as part of Mikko Saarikoski's PhD and now also used internationally. The survey useful as CPIT has started using Dedicated Education Units (DEU) for student placements and of interest to find out NZ context data - involving 10 schools of nursing.

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