Monday, August 15, 2016

Video Journal of Education and Pegagogy - issue one overview

The journal, Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy, published by Springer is the first scholarly open access journal undertaking to use video as a means of dissemination. The journal is supported by the Association of Visual Pedagogies (AVP) which recently had it's first conference - youtube video promoting the conference and a link to blog with an overview of the first conference.

Came to find out about the journal through my Google Scholar alerts which brought up the article on digital pedagogy and safety in the Australian construction industry.

The journal's page has video interviews from the editors of the journal, Michael Peters, Jayne White and Tina Besley - all from University of Waikato. Michael Peters has a further website on the philosophy of education and published two books I will need to follow up - See to Play - to role of visual literacies in sports and Showing and Doing.

The videos cover a range of interesting viewpoints on the increasing ubiquity of digital culture and the challenges to education and research. These include moving from a pedagogy of one to many to a culture of many to many – a co-constructive ecology with peer to peer ‘informal’ and mobile participants. Research changes due to access to a range of data, not possible before, exampled by big data and learning analytics.

Examples of visual pedagogies include pedagogies sensitive to diverse cultures and multimodal media. Visual literacies are perhaps not well-developed and only recent developments.
Articles have video content hyperlinked in. Most of the article has a traditional format with video content and ‘discussion’. In the future, video from artist, performers, film makers etc. will also be disseminated through the journal. The interest areas include teaching demonstrations, performances (esp. from indigenous research), interviews etc. Encouraged submissions from a wide range of discipline areas within and outside academia.

Peer review is double-blind review through Springer’s ScholarOne journal submission platform.

Good on Springer for supporting a new approach.

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