Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ara Staff academic leave presentations #1

At Ara Institute ofTechnology, staff on one of the unions are eligible for Academic Study Leave after 5 years of teaching. ASL has to be applied for and one of the conditions for last year’s batch of staff was for them to present their learning from the ASL. A report is also required from staff which is tabled with the ASL panel granting the leave. Reports and presentations will be made available to staff via Teaching and Learning site on Moodle.

Notes taken from session #1 with 3 staff. I will be unable to attend session 2 with another 3 staff as I will be away from Ara.

First up today, Alex McAllum from Nursing presents on ‘flipping ASL’. Alex’s leave is timely in consideration of the Nursing Department’s planned shift from the main Ara campus to become part of the Health Precinct – about 1 km West. The Health precinct will bring together all the health educational providers in Canterbury. Rationalise need to ‘flip’, become more innovative in teaching and learning and the preparation of modern learning environment. Alex undertook a critical review of flipping (inverting the classroom) with definitions, background and pedagogy. Highlighted the ways various approaches could work at Ara especially with regards to the applied learning undertaken in nursing, professional development requirements for tutors (pre-preprepration a key) and impact on institution. Course design (University of Adelaide – flippingproject) required as learning brings together learning theory, pedagogy and technology.

Ian Williamson from Engineering spoke on ‘renewable energy – the goal’ and shared his ‘study tour’ to collect information on a paper he will teach next week. Visited Wales Centreof Alternative Energy. All inputs and outputs are measured as part of the Centre’s operation. Ian was there 10 days and course on sustainable energy. Campus entirely self-sufficient with hydro energy, some plant built by students and all become part of the campus’ on-going research. Ian also attended 3D printing and its associated culture – develop 3Dlive conference. Also visited various power generating areas (solar / wind / hydro), passive heating through building design, visible energy use to public so consumption can be seen and institutes / universities (e.g. York University and Denmark University). Canada and Europe well ahead with alternative transport. Ian will present to Engineering and Architecture on the technical details.

Tracy Kirkbride from Medical Imaging  on ‘imaging capabilities of MARS’. She worked on this for 6 months last year with University of Canterbury, University of Otago and others and currently, doing another 6 months on the project. Explained how the technology worked, to bring colour into medical imaging and the importance of colour. Advantage of MARS is ability to see – sometimes prior to actual manifestation of disease – e.g. arteritis – the onset as gradations in tissue / cartilage damage can be seen. Provided details of process to provide proof of concept for MARS. Currently refining scanning protocols, testing identification software and improve scanning effectiveness. 

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