Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Ara Institute of Canterbury - Sharing Experiences of Educational Design - SEED #1

Lunch time session with two of our ARA institute of Canterbury excellence in teaching award winners.

SEED set up by ARA staff who have won internal institutional awards to Sharing Experiences of Educational Design. Short 15 minute sessions to facilitate the sharing of good teaching.
Engineering tutor, Steve Tomsett is the inaugural presenter and he presents his experiences on flipped learning – dots and line in a flip class. Provided brief introduction of his context, mainly focused on teaching engineering maths. Compared traditional classroom approach with passive theory learning followed by application with flipping, so passive theory is learnt before coming to class and classroom learning revolves around active learning. Advocated using a one-one, short recording focused on ensuring ‘added value’ occurs both before and during class. Dots are the HOW we do it – and the line is the WHY. Ensure dots are presented in short ‘bite sized’ bits and then in class, join the dots. Provided an example with screencast on Adobe Connect archived on Moodle. Quizzes are attached to each video to ensure understanding dots occurs before class. Activities in class include authentic problems, application to real world problem solving and extension of understanding of implications / consequences.

Jane Parker from Business presented in ‘building confidence in learners’. Provided a perspective as a ‘new’ tutor and empathy with learners lacking in confidence based on her initial experiences in picking up a class, ¾ through course, following 2 other tutors who had left! Talked about challenges with teaching a complex subject – law. Brought in student’ own experiences with ‘law’ and current topical issues as starters for classes rather than just cover the syllabus. Co-operative learning used as an approach to encourage communication skills and working through the issues.

Always good to hear from passionate teachers J

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