Wednesday, November 04, 2015

webinar with echo 360

Notes taken from Webinar with echo 360  on"Achieving active learning in experiential learning environments"

With panel members front Unitec (Dr. Karen Haines and James Oldfield) and Sydney TAFE (Stephan Ridgeway and Tom Hore) and facilitated by David Bartolo.

Karen presented context and details of unitec transforming of learning and teaching, spaces and technologies to support collaborative on campus, highly blended and work based learning. James summarised ways echo360 fits into transitioning teaching approaches. Important to use the platform not as an add on with ease of use and integration into new learning spaces. Provided details of staff support through pilot including kickstart activity, targeting of key staff, hands on ad hoc support and assisting staff to explore beyond video of presentations and personal capture of content. Examples of how tutors used provided. Some use of recording practice e.g. osteopathy point of view recordings and a review after by class; future possibility with the use of drones to record fly overs. Points to considers included lead time, workload, infrastructure and conversion of interest to uptake.

Stephan presented on context. Sydney TAFE has 7 campuses and commenced trial in 2013. Active learning platform (ALP)adopted since June this year. Summarised reasons for adoption both strategic for institution and pedagogical. Challenges included integration into internal network, AV available in training rooms, embedding new technology and VET teaching practice. Plans to use to assist with transforming teaching practice, allowing students to do uploads and workplace assessments. Tom presented example in building design through use of personal capture to video flip classroom type content on how to use drawing software. Questions of interest on learning analytics

Overall still quite traditional, mostly teaching led approaches with teachers producing video content. Still need to shift towards more learning or student focused approaches with better mechanisms for students to upload their work / evidence and also to see the analytics from their uploads.

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