Thursday, November 19, 2015

OneNote - Notebook Creator - interim pilot

Our small pilot of OneNote Class Notebook has yielded positive results. Only a small cohort of engineering students (year one on a three year degree) participated.

The main objective of the pilot was to:
  • ·         Test one note notebook creator as lab report tool
  • ·         engage engineering students in using lab books on a progressive basis
  • ·         Provide students with formative feedback as their lab books are completed.
  • ·         Provide a platform for summative assessments of student lab reports.
Both tutor and students feedback were supportive. The main bugbears were difficulties with inputting equations, sketching and citation/ referencing. Some of the challenges with entering equations etc. can be solved with using stylii.
'     OneNote Class Notebook’s capabilities are especially useful for pedagogical approaches reliant on timely formative feedback. The platform allows tutors to ‘see’ student work as traditionally paper-based learning activities are worked through and provide feedback ‘in-situ’. Co-constructive learning through problem-based or inquiry-based learning are also other areas the capabilities of OneNote Class Notebook would be useful.
      We will now plan for a more extensive pilot from early next year as the institute attains full access to Office 365. In particular, we need to try the platform across a range of discipline areas, with a variety of formative / summative assessment requirements.

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