Monday, November 30, 2015

OneNote Class Notebook creator - resources

Here is an update on Onenote class notebook creator bringing together, the various resources created by Microsoft and others to support the platform. These resources will be used as we structure plans to extend our initial pilot of the platform to other departments and discipline areas.

Notebook creator is part of suite of tools offered through office 365 educator suite. Not all the products will be available at the initial launch of Office 365 as we will also be using a range of corporate tools.The most important outcome of moving across to Office 365 is the 'one access' password into the system, providing access to all the apps available and ability to connect all the software being used to the cloud.

There is a dedicated page for teachers with links to various resources / tutorials etc. to get started and make the most of onenote. Including one on curriculum 'delivery', and one on collaboration. Some of the resources were put together using the relative new 'Sway' app to put together a presentation with ebook book style navigation.

Pros and Cons of using notebook creator are discussed in this blog from broadeducation.

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