Thursday, July 09, 2009

NCVER conference - day 2 morning sessions

Day begins with a keynote from Martha Kinsman from the Policy & Research Council for TAFE Directors Australia. Martha's presentation provides a very good overview of the history of TAFE, in particular, the effect of CBT on VET & the PD of trainers and teachers. Australia seems to be poised to move from mass to universal system of tertiary education. History, turning points in VET & evaluations of these informs policy for the future. Book to check out is Tech Voices: recollections of the tech teachers association of Victoria (2005).

Second session I attended was by Ann Harris from the University of Huddersfield who provided a very good theorectical underpinning to the use of narratives in research. Her session on 'Stories of vocational educators' provides lots of links to my current research on 'new' trades tutors. In particular, the duality of identities, framed as 'conflicted identities' of voc. teachers. Identities impacted on my compled disciplinary & occupational histories through developing institutional situations and changing social & political circumstances.

Next two sessions on building capability in VET in Queensland where the Dept. of Education has funded PD for VET organisations. Mike Harris from the Dept. of Ed. & Training presented a model build via research on PD needs in 2007 & 2009. Lesley Wemyss from Crestfern presented on the private provider experience in an ACPET funded PD project. Both provide some interesting information for CPIT staff development strategies.