Friday, July 10, 2009

NCVER 2009 - day 3

Only one presentation stream on day three followed by a panel discussion. Paper presented by Warren Pears from the Dept. of education & training , Queensland on the topic - school leavers and the decision to participate in post-compulsory vocational education. Report on two studies carried our in 2005 & 2008 on school leavers. Explored factors including family type, attitute of parents to voc.ed / higher ed., effect of peer groups and social status. Findings that concur that school based apprenticeship / traineeship & VET in schools did lead on to positive impact on post-school uptake of voc.ed.

Panel discussion facilitated ably by Ian Colley & with Pam Christie, Institute direction TAFE NSW Sydney, Tom Karmel, managing director of NCVER, Terry Lloyd, deputy vice-chancellor, TAFE, University of Ballarat & Gavin Moodie, principal policy advisor, Griffith University. The topic was 'the place of VET in the tertiary sector'. The panel discussions are always a good way for me to catch up with happenings in the VET sector in Oz.