Thursday, July 09, 2009

NCVER conference - day 1

Travelled down from warm Darwin to a much cooler Ballarat. The 18th NCVER 'no frills' voc. ed. research conference is being held at the University of Ballarat, set in bush about 10km from the town centre.

Arrived late afternoon but able to catch up on a couple of the day's presentations for day 1. Of interest was 'the value of completing apprenticeship or traineeship' by Peter Mlotkowski from NCVER. Survey sampled over 5000 trainees at end of 2008. wages seem to be unimportant in whether to continue with an apprenticeship.

Also Victor Callan's report on e-apprenticeship - how elearning is driving innovation in workplace learning. Profiled 3 case studies, the TAFE/WA state wide transforming trades training initiative, Gary Sewell's work with bakery apprentices & the National work on skills shortages in the plumbing industry. Will need to catch up with these when I get back to work!