Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cpit research month Tuesday 14th

Lunch time presentations from Department of Business and Department of Computing under the theme of enterprise and innovation.

John O'Sullivan presents on part of his PhD with "using enterprise development stories to understand and encourage Maori entrepreneurship". An interesting use of narrative to explore how different cultures' view mainstream organisational processes. Narratives are apt for use in the project's context as stories are important in oral knowledge cultures. Keegan and Woods (2006) Arrived at key concepts of mauipreneurship by analyzing stories of Maui. John's project undertook interviews with contemporary Maori entrepreneurs to find out if themes would reflect mauipreneurship.

Second presentation with Dr. Juan Pellegrino on "strategy, learning and knowledge in the internationalization process: a comparative study of NZ incremental and early-internationalization SMEs". DefinedSMEs as companies between 6 to 99 employees ( NZ uses under 20). Internationalization literature indicates firms are either born- global or move into international markets incrementally. Study to try to understand how each type of firm goes about learning how to internationalise. Multiple data analysis used to produce comparative case studies.

Dr. Mehdi Asgarkhani from the department of computing presented on " research matters: information systems and IT in business". IT has evolved from being a financial system tool to becoming information management and as enabler to almost every business process within and beyond company's physical parameters. IT personnel no longer just technicians but also contribute to business strategy decisions. changes include rise of social media, IT need to create return on investment and increased consciousness of sustainability.