Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Christchurch research month 21 August presentations

Teaching and learning for technology is the theme for today 's lunch time presentations from department of engineering and the trade innovation institute.

Dr. Yao Li begins with a presentation on the power of Android. Introduced Android including architecture and apps and potential uses for teaching. Android now up to 4.1x called jellybean. Up to 2.3 only on cell phones, from 3.0 honeycomb for tablet only and latest two icecream sandwich and jellybean on both tablets and phones. Architecture has Linux kernel with access to libraries. Apps have 4 components, activities, services, content providers and broadcast receiver. Teaching Android programming with a focus on engineering. Opportunities for research include real-time performance, security, power efficiency and interface with Android accessories including multimeters, oscilloscopes etc.

Dave Maples then presents on "power systems 1 by distance" . Teaching the course with students located at two campuses using Abode Connect And the smart podium. The smart podium used as a whiteboard. Important to preload all teaching material prior to session And have screens pre configured, prepare for session failure - use the chat window, exchange material on cell phone. Should be used in conjunction with Moodle not to replace. Word files need to be PDF and multimedia files as flv. In general students found learning to be possible.

Flip Leijten unble to present, so I presented his findings from the peer learning project, a continuation on a small project (peer learning with welding students) while working on using videos to study trades based learning. Flip's study extended the peer learning intervention to carpentry, electrical and painting and decorating students.