Friday, August 17, 2012

Christchurch polytechnic research month 16 August presentations

This afternoon, a series of presentations from the departments of science (sports and fitness) and broadcasting provide a nice mix of quantitative and qualitative approaches along with food for thought.

Dr. Nick Kimber presents on "health and performance supplementation through using antioxidants" focused on an interim literature review for application into a range of future projects. Athletes seem to have a belief that normal diet does not supply them with the required dietary needs of a elite training programme. However, many athletes ( in USA studies) gain information on use od supplements via informal means - friends, family, Internet etc. Nick provided N introduction to antioxidants and their importance in normal health and well being. In general, antioxidants should be sufficient from well constructed diet and supplementation contribution to enhanced performance still unclear.

Dr. Peter Olsen presents on a study undertaken during the rugby world cup last year studying heart rates while viewing sports. Study of spectators watching on TV and stadium compared. Generally heart rate at stadium higher than at home, heart rate higher when NZ playing and patterns consistent with increase in heart rate whenever any crucial play occurs.

Tina Ryan provides an overview of "athlete career development in NZ" as a summary of a study for her PhD. Provided example that NZ put 180 million into 2012 Olympics there development costs. In addition individual athletes also put in much that needs to also be costed. 2001 Graham report established SPARC and NZAS to encourage high performance sport development through performance based funding and athlete carding system (to track and support individuals with free sport science and medical support). 17 carded athletes from 8 sports interviewed to find out their perspectives. Themes included gratitude; expectations to perform and conform; and need to provide athletes with personal development opportunities beyond sports.

Dr. John Farnsworth presents on " new technologies and the Christchurch earthquakes". Studied how city assembled and disassembled in the face of change and the popular urban voice and presence in the lived city, similar themes studied in how economic, political and technological change takes place within socio technical assemblages. As city recovers from earthquakes,social networking and other forms of media discourse contribute towards how the individuals perceive effects. Used film "when a city falls" as example as being form of visual ethnography to uncover themes of how we view impacts on people and how a future city is imagined out of unplanned / unforeseen event.

Dr. Ruth Zanker discussed the question " is Sky (NZ pay TV) out of control in the NZ media ecology?" presented on the dominance of Sky in the market and the consequences of this on diversity of perspectives and viewpoints NZers have or not have access to. Has almost 50% of market and bought free to air channel Prime in 2006 thus increasing it's reach.

I had missed presentations from these two departments in the past, so good to catch up on the research activity that has been going on and to hear progress on projects.

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