Monday, September 21, 2009

Video analysis software for multimodal data analysis

While browsing through literature on multi-modal analysis, I came across studiocode as a video data analysis software tool. I then asked around CPIT and found out the sports science people were using a NZ developed product called silicon coach which is developed specifically to analyse sports performances but also provides capabilities for comparison of individual performances and to build up resources based on annotations made on videos. Many video analysis software has a sports orientated slant as this is where it is most useful for analysing the performance of athletes.

I then did the usual google search and came up with a short article which recommended four video data analysis tools including studiocode (Mac OS only). The other three are annotation which is only Mac based but seemed to have an attractive, user friendly interface for US$299; ecove with a byline of software for gathering data while observing behaviour, runs also on Palm OS & Pocket PCs for US$189; & Observer xt which has both Mac & Windows versions plus a version for mobile devices, seems to have all the bells & whistles (like studiocode).

A comprehensive list of qualitative data analysis software provided over thirty examples with about a third capable of video and audio analysis. These include:-

Transana which is developed by the University of Wisconsin and open source and cost US$50 for single user and US$500 per project.

Dart fish which provides a free download trial for 30 days

Atlasti which is a standard qualitative data analysis provides for multimedia coding and supposed to be similar to nVivo.

Hyperresearch $399 as another alternative to the more expensive sports based video analysis tools.

A couple which are freeware to have a look at include Elan and signstream.

So plenty of choice for the moment, the most likely ones will need to be evaluated against nVivo. I am looking for one which will be easy to use as one of the goals of implementing multi-modal analysis protocols for observing teaching & learning at CPIT is to devolve the analysis to tutors.


John Tenny, Ph.D. said...

eCOVE Observation Software now has 4 advanced Editions - General, Administrator, Sheltered Instruction, and Special Education. The advanced Editions has many new features and new tools for collecting objective data on classroom behaviors.

The website (also new),, has a Build Your Own area where you can pick from over 200 data collection tools and download full featured 30 day trials. eCOVE is very easy to use.

marry said...

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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Selena said...

Hi Marry,

thanks for your encouragement. Having this blog as an archive has saved me a great amount of time trying to re-find resources :)

All the best, Selena

Selena said...

Hi John,

thanks for your update on ecove. It will be one of the video analysis tools I will be evaluating. Many thanks, Selena

Anonymous said...

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Tarah said...

I've heard a lot of good things about classroom walkthrough software. It's nice to be able to perform observations using technology and having the ability to analyze everything.

Selena said...

Hi Tarah,

thanks for the recommendation. I will explore the 'classroom walkthrough' software more - especially with regards to using mobile computing options.

Many thanks, selena

Brandon Emig said...

This is a bit old, I realize. A lot of the same tools are still available, but here is a new one that's pretty good:

Selena Chan said...

Thanks Brendon,

Will try out vnote over the next few weeks.