Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Efest eTLC2009 - day 1 afternoon – keynote – Derek Wenmouth

A much anticipated keynote from Derek Wenmouth (only 30 minutes long :( on "the changing role of the teacher in the 21st century".

Set the scene with a presentation with using his grandsons, born beginning of 2008 who will start school in 2013 & tertiary study in 2027. What will learning (& teaching be like)?

In 2027, the world will be increasingly globalised, population increase projects 9 billion people in 2048, increased competition for everything, increased diversity of cultures, etc.

So important to account for changing nature of tertiary education (growth of mass education, international groups, increased participation & access). Alongside unpresented rise of ICT (digitalisation & Web 2.0). From analog to digital to connected / ubiquitious - virtual reality, wearable computers, ubiquitious idenity, voice recognition, agents & avatars, miniaturisation, reusable paper, sematic web, personal learning environments.

Need to integrate pedagogy & technology & important for individual educators to keep up with the play. "ICTs can enable teachers to transform their teacher practices." Need to think not as individuals but as a network. These assist with meeting changing student & institutional expectations. Changes include those to be brought about by the shift to the new NZ school curriculum.