Wednesday, September 30, 2009

efest - eTLC2009 - day one afternoon workshop one

First workshop of the conference from Karen Young & Fred Koenders from Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) on “ whole of organisation engagement in effective learning”.

Both Karen & Fred are not involved in teaching but in the development of teaching & learning at EIT. EIT began two & a half years ago to improve both learning & teaching within the institution. Started with setting up innovation & learning group (19 staff) who set up parameters. In 2007, first ever half day professional development day for all staff was organised to collect ideas on how to improve learning. Data collated & initial model develop & presented to 19 focus groups. End of 2007 model developed to provide direction. Innovation & learning group then critiqued. Sub group formed to improve which emerged with EIT model of effective learning. Each of the titles in the model expand to provide guidelines. All pertinent to ITPs in NZ.

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