Monday, September 03, 2018

Microcredentials - NZ perspective

As summarised earlier this year in this blog, there has been ongoing work on microcredential pilots in NZ. This work on microcredentials, began over a year ago, before the current government entered into office, and began a wide range of reviews of the NZ education system, including a review of institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITPs), the NZ vocational education system and the school leaving qualifications.

Here are several more recent articles, relevant to the adoption and implementation of microcredentials:

Education Central NZ reports on 'the rise of the micro-credential'. The article, summarises the three pilots undertaken and some of the rational in NZ adoption.

Then, in Education Review, there is an overview of one the pilots, the Edubits initiative led by Otago Polytechnic. Also included, is the move of some NZ universities into MOOCs. The advantages, rather than any challenges, are presented in this report.

Lastly, but probably more importantly, this article, also in the Education review. An Op Ed by Roger Smyth, on the funding implications represented by microcredentials and especially, the social implications of lifelong learning. There is also a good overview of the NZ tertiary systems' reforms from the late 1990s to date. Smyth agrees opening the NZQA framework to microcredentials is a good move. However, the hard part, how to and who should fund, will require careful thinking through. Especially given the needs imposed by the future of work, for all to be on a continual cycle of learning, retraining and transforming.

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