Thursday, July 26, 2018

Forget about preparing for the future, we need to create it - Kaila Colbin

Attended the launch of the BOMA Christchurch Launch at Ara this morning. BOMA is a 'next step' beyond understanding the various challenges impinging of our lives at present and into the future. It is not just technology, but also many other things.

Kaila Corbin presented on the rationale and future directions of BOMA. Much of what her presentation is detailed in today's Press article. Basically, there is a need to go back to 'first principles' and question - what is the purpose of corporations? What is the purpose of education? Is this the best way to organise society? How do we define success? instead of carrying on tweaking and adapting, it is time to transform and meet the future.

Launch reported in local papers on 27th July which provide details of the way forward on how BOMA seeks to provide facilitation for conversations and actions to continue.

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