Monday, October 14, 2013

Pens for Surface RT Tablet

We have just about started our 'Project surface tablet' projects. We have 12 project teams, each with an identified learning outcome that can be enhanced through the use of 'situated technology enhanced learning'. Several of the teams have learning activities that use OneNote in tandem with Skydrive to create shared learning resources. OneNote, along with other note taking apps (youtube video of notetaking), allows for the use of a stylus to draw or use the predictive text screen option on the tablet's keyboard.

Unlike the Surface Pro, Surface RT is limited to use of pens with the fatter stubby end rather than fine point due to it's capacitive screen –  wp central has a collection of pens (various prices and types). At present, it is difficult to obtain stylii from suppliers in NZ to try out. However, we have been able to get hold of some of the 'stubby' pens along with the finer point 'Jot it/pro' range from adonit. The adonit pens are about double the price of the stubby pen options. 

We will be undertaking some trials with the various pens plus also raising awareness amongst our project surface tablet teams to the note taking and sharing options provided by the Surface RT. The co-creation of learning resources is one of the main advantages of going digital and we need to make sure both teachers and learners are able to maximise the opportunities for co-construction of learning.