Monday, April 29, 2013

Google glasses - first reviews

Early this year, Google put out a call for early adopters, open only topeople residing in the US of A. These users are now just receiving their google glasses andthe blogosphere and tech websites have started to post reviews and firstimpressions. For instance, engadget features a day by day user's experience along with one from techcrunch, seroundtable, Tim O'Reilley, and one on youtube.

Comprehensive post on endgadget reviewing features and usage.

myscienceacademy features a cnet report featuring pros and cons and endgadget featured the New York Times app, optimised to run on Glasses.

Detractors also abound with examples from the UKs Telegraph and mashable. Mainly revolving around issues of privacy and how having technology so easily accessible might change the way we think.

Educational use provided on emergingtech include learning new languages, creating presentations, quick websearching, building portfolio, and the technology leading to news courses, skills and careers.

From our work on point of view classes, the advantages of google glasses is their continuous connectivity and ability to access the web. A disadvantage is the high cost – 6-7  times the cost of POV glasses we are currentlyworking with.

So, will await the launch of Google glasses to the general public, although it might be 2015 before we are able to purchase in NZ.