Monday, March 22, 2010

Visual sociology, anthropology and ethnography

A related research area to multimodal discourse analysis is the area of visual sociology. This is the study of various kinds of visual material and the visual social world. Other support sites of visual sociology approaches include a repository of research  materials. Other sites include one from Anna Pechurina and a survey of visual research methods by Marcus Banks. So of some relevance to our project but more as a sideline.

However, the above led me to the book by Sarah Pink "Doing visual ethnography: Images, media and representation in research" parts of which are available via Google books.   Which led on to the area of visual anthropology which has active Association providing access to papers on the topic.

Will file these into the interesting to know about folder and explore them in greater detail once we have more practice with data analysis methods for the video evidence we are collecting.


外太空 said...


Barry Dowrick said...

Thanks for the invite to look at your blog Selena. The more I look for answers and direction the more questions I find in every direction:-)

Selena said...

Hi Barry,

welcome to the world of research :)

There are many answers to questions, not all of them appropriate or correct to some but still plausible to most. The objective of research is to provide a formalised framework from which to undertake an inquiry.This makes research frustrating at times but rewarding in the long run. You need to commit to the long haul in order to reap any dividends.

Keep up the good work, Selena