Wednesday, December 09, 2009

blogging with the ipod touch

Just did a quick tidy up of the blogs posted using my ipod touch during the ascilite conference.  Good access to WiFi in all the various rooms plus a good way to learn my way around the use of the ipod touch for text input.

In all, a quick way to take notes etc. as I was less distracted by web surfing the various presenters & sites as the presentation ran. Which is what happens when I attend conference sessions and blog sessions on my laptop as they happen.  The lack of capability to put in links easily is a hassle as it means I need to go back to the blogs when I am free to do a general tidy & update.  However, it does mean I do the requisite followup on the various papers.

The ipod touch text entry is easy to use, the 'p' does occasionally get lost as it required firm tapping to bring it up.  Moving between the text and the numeric keyboard came with a bit of practice.  So as long as there is good WiFi, I will consider just bringing the ipod touch to the next conference and leave the laptop at home.

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