Monday, December 07, 2009

Ascilite 2009 - day 1 - after afternoon tea

Last sessions in a long but productve day. My poster was also up and several I interested people dropped by for some good conversations. One adnantage of posters is the opportunity for greater one on one interaction.

Leanness Cameron from Macquarie University spoke on using generic learning designs to promote good teaching and learning practice. She provided a series of guidelines on how to setup a planning tool for use in learning design based on a scaffolded system.

Second up was Ian Robertson on teachers as active agents in contextualising pedagogical spaces in vocational education and training. Ian from RMIT University had completed previous work on TAFE tutors knowledge requirements. After a brief introduction to set the scene Ian runs a slideshow with audio to explain the concept of pedagogical space with a comparison between classrooms and flexible delivery. And then between flexible delivery and flexible learning. Followed by on-line and then elearning!

Caught the end of a presentation on interactive classrooms using mlearning by Andrew Litchfield from University of Technology Sydney. Proposed that interactive mobile learning may be interpreted using experiential learning theory.

Last one today from Kathryn MacCullum and Lynn Jeffrey from Eastern Institute of Technology and Massey University who presented on identifying factors which determine mobile learning
adoption by educators. Generally those enthusiastic about use of tecnology in learning most likely to try out mobile learning. Most acknowledged usefulness of mobile learning but many did not have time or access to funds or technical support to get them started.Survey for tutors to fill in on

A busy and varied day. I now have a poster to support future presentations on the CPIT mobile ortfolios project and another list of new learning to catch up on.

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