Thursday, October 01, 2009

efest - eTLC2009 - day two - Sitech presentation

An earlyish start with a vendor presentation from Sitech. Nicholas Hall from Command systems represents Commbot (control system), Video Commander (original analog video) & DVC (current product replacing video commander).

DVC is a way forward for managing & delivery content. It is a content management & distribution system for video recording, editing, digital signage, camera management, control system & educational content packages. So all content videos, lecture notes, powerpoints, DVD, podcasts etc. can be stored in one box (the DVC server). The content can then be managed by using age level restrictions (schools), meta data/tagged, integrated into one place. Can then be distributed through intranet, via hyperlinks from Moodle & available via portal access as well.

Content is then multi/uni-cast so that streaming is real-time. Digital signage can also be used for internal broadcasting of messages. DVC content has ability to store 25000 hours of video (16 terabytes) linked to internal PC, laptops, interative whiteboards, TV/CD player etc. Admin PC & a com box control (which links to DVD & VCR players – for copyrighted material, Sky etc.), security cameras, event recording videos, video capture & editing, internet & digital signage.

Demonstration of some of the above in real time provided good examples of how the system works using DVC player, DVC administrator (has nifty user-friendly editor) and DVC commander. Capabilities go well beyond what is now available with ecast.

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