Monday, July 13, 2015

Getting to grips with one note and notebook creator

Much has taken place since my initial exploration of the capabilities of onenote and earlier update. In particular, usability has improved and the advent of notebook creator makes onenote a good option for educators to share notes, collaborate with students and provide formative feedback to students as they progress through their work on onenote.

Various recent offerings provide good overviews of the hows, whys and whats of onenote. These include information from pcworld - a good introduction, onthehub, - introducing the office lens to take photos of whiteboards etc. and a concise but comprehensive overview of capabilities from thomasmaurer.

For teachers, there is a guide here along with an office mix presentation - detailing how to go about using notebook creator and how to use audio recording, linked notes (e.g. to word document), how to share using outlook (email) or exporting as pdf, word doc etc., translate notes to selected language. Whole notebooks can also be exported or shared via Onedrive or Sharepoint.

A review from teacher's perspective is found here and student's point of view of how to use onenote for 'web research' is found in this video. Recommended 'next steps' to extend use of note book creator are found here.

In all, a good range of resources to guide us as we pilot onenote with notebook creator with engineering students.

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