Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ascilite 2009 - day 2 - morning keynotes

Morning begins with a short presentation from Blackboard.

Keynote this morning is by Professor Graine Conole Professor of elearning from the Open University UK. She spoke on Cloudworks,a place for sharing learning and teaching ideas.
She then introduced a case study intervention on cloudworks founded on Jenkin's 12 skills for partcipatory culture. Ended with a discussion on the five challenges presented to elearning by the move toward the partcipative digital landscape. These include dealing with the digital divide, digital literacies, new methods, theorectical insights and new pedadogies.

Peter Mellow is the morning speaker. Having missed several of Peter's presentations at other conferences it was good to be able to attend his energetic and enthusiastic presence. He used a double screen display which made the presentation much more visually engaging. His presention encompassed the need to engage young people in tertiary learning in order to improve learning outcomes for a diverse range of students.