Monday, December 07, 2009

Ascilite 2009 - day 1 - afternoon after lunch presentations

Attended four sessions after lunch around the web 2.0 in education.

First up, Iain Doherty and Pauline Cooper from University of Auckland on "educating educators in the purposeful use of web 2.0 tools for teaching and learning". A research study of worksops offered to university staff to see how effective these workshops are ib contributing to a change in teaching practice.

Next up Lynette Zeeng, Diane Robbie, Keith Markham Adams & Clive Hutchinson from Swinburne University of Technology presented on the implementation of web 2.0 for use by first year photography students across three universities. International students formed a part of the student cohort and the project had to create a global classroom which reqiured guidelines and planning.

Then Matt Bower, John Hedberg and andreas Kuswara used TPACK model to provide foundation learning design to think about use of web 2.0 in education. matt presented an overview via video conferencing and Andreas provided the connection and wrapup using prezi. A good summAry of the various approaches to teaching and learning from a elearning perspective.

Last session before afternoon tea from Ruth Weeks & Richard Seymour who have been using web 2.0 in a postgraduate programme. This involved the use of a wiki as not only a knowledge repository but also as an assessment tool which complemented learning outcomes of developing skills and perspectves to seek opportunity, take initiative, have ownership and curiosity.