Monday, October 01, 2018

10 trends for digital learning

Jane Hart's list of top 100 tools is now out. This year, the list is has columns for personal and professional learning (PPL); workplace learning (WPL) and education (EDU). Not only the top 100 but the top 200 tools are listed, along with links to each tool.

Most of the perennial favourites are still going strong. There is an increase in project planning tools, no doubt caused by the rise of "agile' project management.

Additionally, the top 10 trends for digital learning in 2018 were summarised.

They are:

  • Web resources still dominate
  • Social networks, some increased, others down
  • Web courses are increasing in popularity
  • There is a subtle shift from course to content development
  • Learning at work is becoming personal and continuous
  • Team collaboration tools support the real social learning at work
  • Microsoft ecosystem still strong
  • OneNote is preferred digital notebook
  • Video conferencing is in
  • Audience engagement become popular

No surprises across the list or with the trends. Cloud based tools along with microsoft office type applications are now the norm. The use of and access to curated resources (e.g. Tedtalks videos) and platforms for personal learning (e.g. MOOC type sites like Udemy, Coursera, etc.) and personal curation (e.g. Anders Pink; degreed) do indicate the rise of personalised learning environments which are individually bespoked to meet organisational and individuals' learning needs.

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