Monday, July 04, 2016


A collation of resources on e-assessments in preparation for a project of 'formative eassessments'.

There is an eassessment association in the UK with page with case studies and relevant journals including the international journal of eassessment - open access once you register.

Also a series of future of assessment conferences based in the UK with a vocational education focused series of conference with archives. The eassessment conference for education as a whole was in January 2016.

Australian resources include ebook by Crisp 2011 and an ncver report 2003 on online assessments for vocational education. Resources also from University of Melbourne site.

In NZ, Hazel Owen's blog and slideshare provides an overview of vocational education assessments. Ako Aotearoa has links in their resource guide to assessments and there is information from an etools project from Massey.

Overall, a good deal of information. Many discuss the pros and cons, especially related to summative assessments via digital methods. All also advocate the advantages of 'assessment for learning' via online, virtual / digital methods. So I think we are on the right track. To update the work from the past 25 years, current tools provide for even better possibilities to support the gathering of naturally occurring evidence / assessment for learning, especially to shift away from a predominantly text-based artifacts to multimodal / multimedia evidencing.

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