Monday, May 02, 2016

Jane Hart's top ten tools

Doing a catch up on elearning and Jane Hart's Top 10 tools for 2015 always a good place to start. The annual guidebook provides a summary of each tool.

Tools are now categorised into Instructional tools, content tools, social tools and personal tools. As always, some overlaps but the categorisation does assist with selection when we (as ed. developers) recommend tools to teaching staff.

Instructional tools include MOOC platforms - which includes Khan Academy, course management tools, course authoring tools  and quizzing, survey and data collection tools.

Content tools include ones to sue to develop presentations, animations, edit videos, screen cast, screen capture, graphics and infographics, photo/imaging tools, audio tools, documentation and spreadsheetis.

Social tools include webinar, live event interaction, team collaboration, file sharing, blogging and website tools, public social networks and enterprise social platforms.

Personal tools include search / research, email clinet,s messaging tools, social bookmarking, notetaking, web browsers, personal readers, other personal productivity tools and devises and apps.

I think the categorisation is comprehensive enough to sort the range of tools now available on what used to be known as Web 2.0.  Many tools have survived over the last 1/2 a decade and even Microsoft has got on board with the launch of Office mix and Sway into their suite of 'tools'. Also of interest, the rise of alternatives to Moodle, including Canvas and Edmodo.

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