Wednesday, September 30, 2015

National Tertiary Learning and Teaching Conference 2015 - day 1 morning

As per usual, will tidy this post when I get back to office next week. Meanwhile, notes taken over the next few days posted. NOW tidied with appropriate links :)

This year the annual National Tertiary Learning and Teaching conference is hosted by Bay of Plenty Polytechnic (BoPP) in Tauranga. A busy 3 days of keynotes, workshops and various presentations.
Conference begins with a mihi whakatua (Maori welcome) and welcome from Dr. Alan Hampton BoPP CEO and cohost Professor Margaret Noble CEO of Waiariki. 

The first keynote is from Ngahiwi Apanui CE of Te Reo Maori, who speaks on 'Hei toko I Te Tukunga: enabling Maori tertiary learner success'. Reviewed the reasons for the need to ensure young Maori capability is raised as in 2050, 52% of population will be Maori, Pacifica or Asian, with many pakeha superannuated. Maori need to move from 'resistance' to 'leadership'. Used Miraka as a company case study of success. Provided current statistics relating to Maori learners and achievement. Urged reading of June 2015 report fro Ako Aotearoa on enhancing Maori tertiary learning success especially to use the resource developed to assist good practice for governance and management, teachers, support services. Process is to set up kaupapa (principle), whakamarana (explanation), tikanga (practice), taunaki (evidence), Te Puna (source) and nga hua (indicators). Encouraged participation in Ako Aotearoa workshops to engage with, understand and develop hei toko framework for own context. 

Then attended sessions in the stream on elearning. Beginning with session on 'satellite education: a ticket to opportunity ' with Rachel Gardiner and Heather Watt from Bay of Plenty Polytechnic. Provided overview of context and rationale for satellite or offsite and challenges and recommendations. Included how to select venues, types of programs, importance of community engagement and organisational commitment. Need to understand student background, previous educational experience and their goals. Student challenges are many, with need for understanding of specific needs. Check Ako Aotearoa project for upcoming report funded through regional hub projects fund. 

Next session was with Narissa Bayler and Jackie Brown from Waiariki Polytechnic on 'eportfolios and their use in tertiary context'. Presentation revolved around the exploration of a suitable eportfolio platform which will fit diverse learning and teaching needs of the institute. Reported on trials of Google Sites and Mahara. Google Sites requires some tech savviness as it is a web site platform. Templates are difficult to establish and analytics are not learning focused. Access into Mahara portfolio more straightforward and when the mechanics of how it works established, greater versatility and customisation possible. Integration to Moodle provides more seamless institutional application. 

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