Monday, May 25, 2015

Onenote - resources for getting started

After Travis Smith's presentation, we field a few staff keen to get started on onenote as a learning tool. The current onenote has improved in terms of usability and its main advantage is the ability to use it on various devices.

I have archived here some guides / resources to using onenote:

A good way for our tutors to learn about how to use onenote and its possibilities is to actually use it for their own work first. So, first up, a guide to using onenote for beginners vis PC world and another one via lifehack on using onenote in a work.

Then some 'non-conventional' ways to use onenote via com and 

The best way to deploy onenote in an educational setting is to leverage off notebook creator. Unfortunately, we need to await the installation of Office 365 on to our network before we can use notebook creator. The official guide to notebook creator is offered via office support.

A youtube video offers good step by step guide (10 minutes). Pros and Cons and discussed by I hope to start a pilot with one or our engineering tutors to find out possibilities and test usability next semester. This will then feed into any work we do with other tutors when Office 365 is installed sometime next year.

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