Monday, April 20, 2015

Remaking apprenticeships - report by Lucas & Spencer (2015)

A new report from Lucas and Spencer - funded by City and Guilds Alliance for Vocational Education with an overview video available on the reports official website.

Although long – a very pertinent and cogent update on apprenticeship. Where it has been, where it now is and how to improve into the future.

The report brings together work accomplished in the previous few years and incorporates work reported in other publications including the 'vocational pedagogy' report summarised last year

A shorter summary is available but the longer report is worth the time to read through as it details, succinctly, all the various aspects impinging on apprenticeship.

The report provides a 'one stop shop' with regards to updating the historical evolution of apprenticeships into the current times (albeit with a UK perspective); discusses the various theories and practices and pedagogy of apprenticeship and offers recommendations on how to proceed.

Of importance is the distilling of the many outcomes of apprenticeship into SIX - routine expertise, resourcefulness, craftsmanship, functional literacies, business like attitudes and wider skills for growth. The recommendations are generalisable across to many apprenticeship systems but are most pertinent to the UK context.

15 pages of references bringing together the pertinent literature on apprenticeship learning.

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