Thursday, August 14, 2014

CPIT research month - week 2 day 3

Unable to get to the first half of today's research month presentations but catch up with the last two presentations on the topic of 'sustainability and teaching practice'. Of relevance as I am assisting with the development of a post-graduate qualification in sustainability to be offered through CPIT in 2016.

Dr. Lorna Davies provides a midwifery perspective on 'the impact of introducing the subject of sustainability'. Integration of sustainability into curriculum in 2009 and informed from Lorna's Phd exploring midwives views of sustainability. Presently papers at year 1 and year 3 in the programme with overarching 'establishing sustainable practice' theme. In year one, project to establish life cycle of a product related to midwifery practice. In Year 3 present a proposal for a sustainable midwifery practice. Detailed present study to look into whether new graduate midwives applying or able to utilise sustainability practice. Found new midwifes felt sustainable practice was relevant, resonated with and applied to present work and personal circumstances (use of paper / stationery, using bikes / scooters instead of 4WD diesel vehicle).

Dr. Dave Irwin and students presents on the topic 'eco warriors or eco worriers? Educating for change in the 21st century'. Used a fishbowl approach discussion to the topic. Students were from 2nd and 3rd years of the degree. Education for sustainability is to challenge students' current beliefs and values to move their understanding. Teaching causes people to become worriers, but we should be empowering learners to become leaders and be proactive, to contribute to change in the world.

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