Tuesday, June 03, 2014

UNEVOC forum on vocational learning pedagogy

Over the last two weeks, I have participated in an interesting eforum organised by UNEVOC, an offshoot of UNESCO.

The forum or virtual conference is titled ‘vocational pedagogy: what it is, why it matters and how to put it into practice’ is facilitated by Professor Bill Lucas.

There were almost 200 participants from over 60 countries although about 10% of the participants posted on the forum itself. Topics included 'signature pedagogies'; skills and attributes of TVET teachers and how to assist people to train to become TVET educators.

It was good to be able to catch up current thinking on TVET pedagogy with much of the discussion starting from the groundwork established by the 2012 report on vocational pedagogy by Lucas, Spenser and Claxton.

New report on 'thinking like an engineer' was shared, providing a resource modelling how 'signature pedagogies' can be leveraged.

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