Tuesday, January 08, 2013

plans for 2013

Last year, I devoted a large amount of time to reading related to improving ‘learning in the trades’. The literature from sports psychology, learning music/voice/performance arts, expertise, and practice-based learning all contribute much material to work through, evaluate and contextualise.

In the first half of this year, I hope to be embarking on a project that is a continuation of the first year apprentices project. The funding application is still in the process of seeking approval. Apprentices who we interviewed in 2010 will be re-contacted to find out how they went about learning the skills to become trades people. The apprentice cohort in the original first year apprenticesproject will now be near the end or would have just completed their apprenticeship. A synthesis with recent work on vocational learning / pedagogy exampled by booklet from the City and Guilds Centre for learning and the literature I have been working through will inform the outputs from the project. This will be two brochures, one to assist apprentices to enhance workplace learning opportunities and another for workplace and polytech/private provider educators to help prepare apprentices for the challenges of workplace learning.

The second half of the year will be busy with programme design work with several programmes. These include programmes for fabrication/engineering, automotive, tourism/travel, business admin., veterinary nursing and electrical engineering, all interesting subject disciplines, with a mixture of staff capability / willingness to change. This is an outcome of the NZ Qualifications (NZQA) targeted review of Qualifications(TroQ). As programmes complete TRoQ, institutions need to redevelop programmes. At CPIT, we will also be working with strategic direction for increasing flexible and sustainable delivery. We need to build capability with our staff with regards to the pedagogical implications of shifting from content-based to student-focused  and flexible delivery programme design.

There is also on-going work with Ako Aotearoa on their professional development workshop series. Dissemination through journal articles and conferences will also continue. I will also need to continually chip away at drafting and refining articles for submission to peer-reviewed journals. So, looks like another busy and interesting year.