Tuesday, October 26, 2010

looking for android os tablets

Had a busy day yesterday, doing the rounds of the computer shops around Mong Kok, Hong Kong. Lots of Android OS phones but a paucity of Android OS tablets. There was the Dell Streak which only has a small screen and was on the expensive side. Also the Samsung Galaxy Tab which was also expensive. Saw a few Archos 7" and it's smaller 5" cousine, which reminded me more of a PSP then a tablet. Plus also several ipad lookalikes (same box etc.) which were the Woof (for around HK2000), the irobot and a no brand one for (HK1500).

So the market for android tablets is yet to mature. The ones I tried out were generally lacking in responsiveness, the touch screens being a poor experience in comparison with the ipad. Uploading speeds also slower. The shops selling the ipad knockoffs were not that keen to advertise the products, which were generally kept on the bottom shelves and only brought out when I made concerted queries. My mangled Cantonese was understandable after all. Lots of Ipads around and these were showcased in most shops. So the brand conscious and savvy HK consumers have voted with their pockets, purchasing the ipad rather than considering cheaper options. 

Will have a look around Singapore if time allows. The market there is even more conservative so I am not holding much hope for finding many examples of android OS tablets however, always good to see what is the latest in mobile phones and netbooks as well.


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