Monday, August 11, 2008

Mobile tools becoming more mainstream

Latest blog from Jane Hart’s top ten tools reveals that there is a change in the top ten tools for learning including the entry into the list of mobile tools & services (like, fring, Qik and Utterz), mobile versions of key tools (like flickr, YouTube, Google Maps) and the mobile browser Opera Mini.

Twitter is in the 15th position, ahead of tools like youtube, igoogle & slideshare! I have not really been taken by twitter but twitter has a mass audience. One of the latest techcrunch blogs is on why twitter has not failed the power of audience. Will have another go at trying twitter out to see if it works for me :)

More info. on the mobile tools mentioned above:-
  • is a mobile based search tool. Relatively easy to use and focused on mobile sites for ease of upload & display on mobile devices.
  • fring allows use to use Skype, MSN messenger, Google talk etc. on you mobile phone. My Treo 700Wx is on the list, as is New Zealand (yeh). So will give this a go over the next couple of days to see how it works.
  • Qik allows streaming live video to you phone. Will be expensive on our NZ telecom plans but will give this a try to find out how it works.
  • utterz provides the tool to start a discussion from your computer or your phone. Utterz lets you create and follow discussions with friends or people with similar interests. Utterz can be audio, video, pictures and text. You can create or join a discussion from any mobile phone or computer. Friends can reply by voice, TXT message or on the mobile site at New Zealand is on the list, so another one to try out.

Good to be able to try out new mobile tools and by the look of things, mobile tools are an increasingly important adjunct when any social networking site launches.

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