Monday, May 26, 2008

Wirenode - put up mobile web pages in a flash!

This nifty site came through techcrunch as one of the sponsors for an up & coming crunchnetwork meet in Prague. Wirenode is a website that provides the service for mobile webpage creation. A review of wirenode can be found at centreworks.

It took me all of 2 minutes to register, link this blog, find a name for my mobile webpage , take a quick look at the cool mobile phone emulator to see how the page would appear on a phone & that was it!!

Checked out the site on my Treo five minutes later & it was there. Went back to the wirenode site itself on my treo to see how easy it would be to do set up a page using a phone. Web page loaded up without any problems but could not log in (login key did not respond). I tried again today (after about 4 days) and the login key still not responding.

Despite above, still a very easy to use system & I can see great ways it can be used to support microlearning.


Davej said...

Hi Selena,
I wanted to share another site with you similar to this one. Push Mobile Media is a content publishing platform with a slant on m-learning and engaging the mobile workforce. You can create custom training modules, surveys and reference libraries with our online page building tools - and they are automatically formatted for over 6000 devices. We would love to hear your input about how custom publishing fits into the future of learning on mobile devices. Thanks!

Selena said...

Hi Dave,

thanks for the recommendation. I did try to register but the registration did not want to recognise my New Zealand based mobile number. I see on the pushmobile media site which details the countries supported that NZ is not on the map yet :( I will be keen to do a test if you are able to provide access.

Many thanks, Selena

Davej said...

Thank you for visiting the site. Sorry you are having trouble getting the test sent. Did you try adding the country code 64? Let me know if you have any other issues or questions!