Thursday, February 03, 2005

Starting out

Well, I have taken the plunge and started up this blog. I am going to use this blog to

  • track my learning about how I am maturing as a elearner
  • record my reflections on how being a elearner is contributing to how I teach (both f2f & online)
  • gauge my feelings about blogging as I am still not too sure if it will work for me
  • act as an archive for my findings on elearning instructional design, eportfolios and mlearning
  • provide me with a forum to network with many others who are also blogging, reflecting and learning about similar topics.

I have been lurking around several blogs of late to see what others have been up to. I have been inspired especially by JeremyHiebert's very topical, informative and up to date blog on many of the issues that I am also researching,

I plan to put in at least one post a week, so watch this space!


mspecht said...

Welcome to the blogsphere

Selena said...

Thank you mspecht,

I am starting to enjoy putting some of my thoughts in writing.

Great to see someone is reading my posts.