Monday, August 17, 2015

Kaleidoscope - CPIT research week

This week, we hold the annual CPIT research dissemination event. A week of presentations from staff and students with a much anticipated 'Great Debate' on Wednesday around the topic - 'Google does more for sustainability than Greenpeace'.

Today at lunch time, Kay Giles, CPIT CE opened the first session, a series of short 6 minute presentations on a range of topics from the departments.

The format actually works quite well as it provides an overview of what our research colleagues have been up to. We had presentations from Architecture (Dr. Rory Green on various projects to help make NZ homes drier and warmer); Performing Arts (Tony McCaffrey on his latest theorising of performance by people percieved to have intellectual disabilities); Design (Michael Reed on a print portfolio project and Bruce Russell on the social utility of improvised sound work); Science (Dr. Jerry Sherman on a 'survey' used to find out what works best to tailor cardiac rehabilitation and Dr. Barbara Dolamore on using gene modelling to identify camphylobactor types); Business (Dr. Juan Pellegrino on SMEs learning to move into international markets); Computing (Amit Sarkar on resilience of information systems in crisis - Chch. earthquakes); and Midwifery (Dr. Mary Kensington on the findings from the midwifery first year of practice support programme (it works); Dr. Rea Dallenbach on evaluation of OB3 - a platform for co-creative learning; Dr. Lorna Davis on resiliance).

Tomorrow, another series of  a dozen of so presentations from tutors. Students 'pitch a project' on Thursday and Friday - providing summaries of their own projects.

Always a good opportunity to celebrate the diversity at CPIT through the many perspectives brought in through the various disciplinary areas.

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