Monday, February 02, 2015

Stephen Billett - recent presentations on video

Managed to catch up with some videos, archived on vimeo of Professor Stephen Billett’s recent presentations. Had a couple of hot days just after the New Year and link of ipad mini to hearing aids improved connection to the presentations.

First up three videos from a conference at the OCE in Montreal - mid-2014.

1) Workplacelearning: challenges of the 21st century – 1 hour – watched to 23 minutes
Summarised seminal work on agency vs affordances

Summary of book on Vocational Education then moves on to discussing progress into the future.
Push for recognition of input from the people who actually do the work and people who teach vocational education.
Need to define what is vocation (personal) and what is occupation (social construct) – emphasis on occupation but vocation often neglected.
One objective of vocational education is therefore to assist people to find their vocation, not just be prepared for occupation.
Need to enhance enacted curriculum and find out students’ experienced curriculum rather than emphasis only on intended curriculum.

Reporting on project on continuing education and training -
Rationale for project presented, along with findings.

 Plus also found this one - a keynote from EAPRIL 2014 conference exploiting the potential of workplaces as learning environments for initial and ongoing occupational development.

All accessible ways towards understanding Billett's work.

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