Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Research Month begins - CPIT

Research month at CPIT rolls around again. The month is opened with a brief overview and welcome from Dr. Margaret Leonard, CPIT research and knowledge transfer manager and formal welcome from CPIT CEO Kay Giles with a call for applied research relevant to Christchurch's present circumstances and contexts.

The opening keynote is from Mike Gillooly, Chief Resilience Officer from the Christchurch City Council, speaking on the topic 'developing a resilience strategy'.

Introduced himself and his role at the CCC but also as a member of the 100 resilient cities organisation. Provided background and rationale to the strategy, how the process would work and how can Christchurch citizens contribute.

Strategy builds urban resilience designed to help city, private sector and government partners. Begins with the development of a unique resilience profile and priorities. need to gather data about the city, how it functions, current resilience strategies, understanding the shocks and stresses and assess our risks strengths and weaknesses. Strategy to be used as a tactical road map to identify, prioritise and implement through an inclusive process at city, regional and national levels.

Requires cooperation / coordination at all levels, for instance, academic institutions are involved in planning processes.

Unable to attend the inaugural presentations from Department of Business and Department of Computing but will upload notes on other presentations as I manage to attend them. Lunch time sessions the rest of this week are for students to 'pitch their project' - a series of short presentations summarising their projects - with prizes for the best 'pitch' to be awarded on Friday evening.

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