Monday, January 06, 2014

Looking forward to 2014

I am looking forward to another busy and productive year.

With so many things on the go last year, I have only submitted one article late last year for publication. Over the next month or so, while it is still relatively quiet on the staff development front, I will work on submitting another two articles. Also try to draft up the outlines for another couple that can be worked on through the year for submission later this year or early next year. Otherwise, the momentum for publishing will definitely slow down.

As the term begins, I am looking forward to working with our project surface tablet teams. Last semester was concentrated on building staff capability and this year, we will pilot the initiatives with students. I have worked at ensuring the tablets are not used in an ad hoc way but to build technology enhanced learning (TEL) into courses or programmes. The approach is to nudge out of project teams, some of their ideas and objectives. I then help the teams connect their initiatives with sound pedagogical approaches to help students meet learning outcomes. So far, we have several projects working on eportfolios based on discipline or industry requirements (as per original STEL projects); a collaborative project between outdoor education and our Maori studies departments to extend ‘place-based’ education; several problem and inquiry-based approaches including a ‘one-day one problem’ or a ‘one week one work-based application’ focus; several projects for flip classroom type implementation; review and revision approaches; improving the learning of skills and dispositions using videos (as per hospitality projects) and collation of support resources for clinical / work placements.

A couple of programmes I support will be ready to work on programme re-development as an outcome of the TRoQ review process. Again, there is need to review programmes so that they meet current and future industry training needs. Where appropriate, we also need to investigate TEL through blended and distance delivery models to assist maintenance and growth of student numbers. As always, a balance needs to be sought between offering alternative delivery methods and student learning.

No externally funded projects to work on this year (as yet) but I am scoping possibilities for a collaborative project to continue the work begun with the 'learning a trade' project completed last year. It will take some work to coordinate possible partners and work out how to go about getting the project approval process going. Ako Aotearoa professional workshops 'enhancing learning in vocational education' continues this year as well. So, all in, looking forward to 2014.

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