Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Cpit research month - week 1 day 2

Managed to get to a couple of presentations this afternoon.

Hana O'Regan on 'mai i ka kokoka o te ao' - from the corners of the heart to the world. 'Language endangerment in the 21st century globalisation'. Traversing the domains between the public / private relationship. A study of public representation / recording and diary excerpts. Diary excepts from Matiaha Tiramorehua from the late 1800s. Access to 'original' private texts reveals much about language as used before it begins to decline. Need to capture ways language is structured and words no longer in common use, all to inform current resurrection and renewal in the present. Conversational language, idioms, colloqaulisms, dialogue, arguments, debates etc. Recordings from radio in the 1930s and 1950s.

Then presentations from Te Puna Wanaka with Hemi Hoskins and Hohepa Waitoha on an ongoing enquiry 'taking the language from the class'.Presented on learnings from a educational exchange between Hawaii and NZ. Presentation focused on ideas to engage with students and the community to achieve authentic language use in the classroom. Using natural habitats to increase language application, increase vocabulary and cultural practice. Learning language is a social process and environmental context supports the process. Provided examples of how nuances of language better learnt through experiencing the language 'in action' i.e. while working in taro patches, at the seashore and in the natural environment.