Wednesday, June 20, 2012

microsoft surface

Yesterday, various tech websites and tech blogs provided overviews and reviews of the Microsoft announcement of the Surface tablet. Visually, a nice form factor and the use of the cover as a keyboard a great innovation. Will need to try the cover/keyboard out for responsiveness.
One of the issues we have as an educational institute is the challenge provided by catering to a range of operating systems. Our tablet projects using IOS and Android have been completed with tablets that are not networked into the institution’s Windows OS. So the promise of what looks like a decent Windows OS tablet, will be something to look forward to for a project for the beginning of next year.
The reviews, like this one, seem to be positive. The Windows Metro OS is also promising and I did have a short time to try out the Windows 7 version on Samsung Phones. The main advantage will be user friendly capatibility between PC and mobile devices. For some teaching programmes, ease of sharing between work / student PC and mobile devices like tablets and phones, will increase the range of learning activities we can offer students.

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