Monday, July 04, 2011

Microsoft interactive classroom

A month or so ago, CED replied to a memo from IT with regards to installing technology into classrooms, with the suggestion that the institution explored more ‘student centred’ rather than teacher centred forms of technology.  Basically, we were not keen on seeing more smart ‘interactive’ boards and data projectors being installed, let alone, ‘lecture capture’ systems!!
In response, our IT department have suggested an evaluation of the Microsoft interactive classroom. There is a twee offical video and this one from University of San Diego, provides the lecturer's perspective.
What microsoft interactive classroom allow for is using powerpoint and onenote to provide for student input. A bit like ‘classroom presenter’ but using desktops or laptops instead of having to use tablet computers and utilising Microsoft tools.  A trawl of reviews via Google reveals a mostly positive response with some emphasis on free download.

There is a video on how to maximise the use of microsoft interactive classroom plus resources on using onenote for enhancing learning, including this one, on teaching with onenote. Of relevance to our 'interactive etextbook projects'.